It’s when trust is developed between us and the customer where we can start to differentiate ourselves. Below are some areas that we’ve found to be value added.

Slit Sealing

  • Smaller width flat bags, flat tubing, & cf sheeting packaged on rolls
  • Running multi lanes wide is more efficient which provides a margin opportunity for our customers
  • We can run at heavier thicknesses than most in the industry, up to 8.5 mil
  • Sizes in width that we can run slit seal:
    • 6” – 38” (perf’d)
    • 6” – 40” (non-perf’d)

Demand Planning

  • This can be a tool to reduce your lead-times/inventory on-hand.
  • Get our GM of Ops, James Besse, involved to work with your team on a strategy. James is a lean blackbelt with years of manufacturing experience in Kodak’s films division.
  • He’s been able to help some customers shift from 3-4 months of inventory to 1-2 months of inventory.
  • We can work with customers on forecasts to get them slotted into our production schedule as opposed to just going from purchase order to purchase order.

Fomulating To Help You Win

  • We start with the application and work backwards to meet performance criteria.
  • There are many applications where we can put better resin in to meet strength, puncture, and other needs while reducing the overall thickness.
  • This will save cost per package and allows customers to throw away less poly.
  • Should be an opportunity for our customers to increase their margins.
  • We utilize outside lab services at our cost for analysis. Allow us to run trials or samples for approval prior to full orders.

R&D Driven

  • We’ve been able to develop specialty items & make investments to support your business.
  • A few specialty examples include a true non-scratch bag, polystyrene dissolvable bags, and adhesive film.
  • Coming Soon! A new piece of equipment to run auto bags (preopen bags on rolls) internally.
  • In the future we have plans to expand to a new SQF certified facility with Coex abilities.

We’re here to help you find a film and packaging solution to meet your needs.