Future PolyTech is the industry leader of protective films and bags.

Future PolyTech…Leveraging Production and Sourcing to Find Your Best Film Solution.

No matter the application or industry, Future PolyTech puts our expertise to work to discover efficient and cost-effective ways to meet your specific needs. Our in-house manufacturing combined with our extensive partner network allows us to exceed expectations while finding you the most competitive pricing.

Future PolyTech specializes in protective films for both commercial and industrial use. Our expansive manufacturing offering includes machine, identification, and extended environmental exposure applications, as well as a full complement of shrink films and general-purpose packaging solutions.

Known for our above and beyond customer service, Future PolyTech will partner with you to find the best solution to optimize your process and increase your profit margin.


For customers in need of an efficient protective film and bag solution, Future PolyTech provides the industry expertise, quality products, innovative applications, outstanding customer service, and the unique benefit of in-house manufacturing and out-of-house sourcing for cost-effective, customized solutions.

Letter from the President

It’s an exciting time at Future PolyTech! Merging with Alni Ltd., a custom packaging and label solution in 2021, we are excited to expand our already stellar manufacturing offering to include and even more robust sourcing channel to discover the best possible solutions for our clients.

Our growth will be built by forming mutually beneficial strategic partnerships and by providing excellent customer service and superior quality. Our success will be measured not only by profitability, but also by, customer, supplier and employee satisfaction.

Future PolyTech strives to find solutions to problems as well as product development through technology and polymer science. #Your team at Future PolyTech is here and ready to serve you.

 – President and CEO, Tony Durieux



Whether for hospitals, hotels, dry cleaners, institutions or commercial laundries, Future PolyTech has the film solution to meet your needs. The excellent stretch, cling and water resistant properties provided by Future PolyTech’s specialty formulated PVC film make it ideal for hand wrapping, transit and storage.


Future PolyTech is proud to work within the food supplier industry to create protective bundling packaging solutions to keep the end product clean and fresh. Whether it’s boxes, cans, accessory items, or prepared foods, Future PolyTech provides the materials and solution to make shipping and storage easier and and sanitary for end use.


Future PolyTech is your trusted partner for industrial packaging. We understand the importance of producing high quality, consistent film and packaging solutions that maximize workflow and efficiency. Our product lines cover a variety of protective film solutions in industries spanning from pipe and pic, furniture, windows and doors, automotive and manufacturing. Add Future PolyTech to your supply chain and we’ll find the solution to meet your needs.


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