About Us​

We’ve always been focused on servicing our customers at high levels. Internally, we refer to this as “close-the-loop” or “take-it-off-their-plate.” When a customer brings us a problem, it’s up to us to get it solved.

Today, we maintain that same customer focus. However, we have evolved our operations. We started as a broker – buying/re-selling all our flexible packaging products. We opened our extrusion plant in 2011 and have since committed to becoming manufacturers.

We transitioned from being a broker with a plant to a manufacturer focused on growth through our distribution partners. We continue to service our legacy accounts. However, the strategy for the company is growing through packaging distributors and our one direct channel of industrial laundry/linen companies.

As I look into the future, with the help of my two sons, we are excited about the opportunity for growth and how best to serve our customers. We are focused on what we can produce today, but we are always looking at where to invest in the future.

What We Do

Future PolyTech is an Ohio based manufacturer of LLDPE bags, tubing, and sheeting. Our offerings include general-include general-purpose packaging solutions, extended environmental exposure applications, as well as shrink films.


  • Customer Focused
  • Formulating to help you win
  • Slit Sealing and Multi-Lane Printing
  • Demand Planning

We enjoy working with our customers to understand the performance criteria of their applications.  This allows us to provide win-win solutions.  The great thing about this industry is that its constantly evolving.  Resin producers are continuously formulating and coming up with new ideas.  The question becomes, can we make it cost-affordable?

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Our Team

Tony Durieux

Founder & CEO

Mark Berkey

Director of New Business

Zac Berkey

Sales Representative