Laundry Film PVC

Future PolyTech brings you everything you need to make your laundry and linen program a success – all in one place. Below are our available products.

Cart Liners and Covers

Future PolyTechs internal manufacturing gives us complete control over the design and properties of your cart liners. You might not think twice about your cart liners and covers, but it can be frustrating when they rip, tear, or puncture.

We specifically design our cart liners and covers with industrial laundry applications in mind. Improved strength, durability, and quick availability all set Future PolyTech apart when it comes to your cart liners and covers.

We stock a variety of sizes, including the popular Meese 72P Bulk Truck, and can make custom sizes to accommodate your carts.

  • Improved strength
  • Stock sizes
  • Short lead times on custom sizes

Future PolyTech also offers replacement laundry carts and caster wheels!

Learn about Carts and Casters

Soiled Linen Bags

Future PolyTech’s soiled linen bags come in a wide range of colors and printing to accommodate your needs. High strength and clear printing make our product stand out. We offer a wide range of soiled linen bags from the traditional “Soiled Linen” to “Infectious Waste,” “Reject Linen,” and more, as well as draw tape options.

  • Wide range of colors
  • Clear printing
  • Short lead times

Future PolyTech is also your source for replacement hamper stands!

Learn about our line of hamper stands

Shrink Films and Wraps

Future PolyTech listens and takes action. We heard our laundry partners were having an issue with slippery, expensive, and weak shrink films, so we have worked to fix the industry standard.

We reduced the slipperiness and improved the strength and clarity, all while reducing cost. Less time picking up fallen stacks of clean towels and rewashing clean products due to torn packaging will improve your bottom line.

  • Reduced slipperiness
  • Outstanding clarity
  • Lower cost than most competitors

Future PolyTech is also an authorized distributor of Maripak® Automated Shrink-Wrapping Systems.

Learn how automation can improve your bottom line

Rennco® Bagger Film

Future PolyTech is the leading manufacturer of bagging machine films for the Rennco® Auto bagging machines. Automation drives profitability in your laundry, and ensuring your bags are properly sealed is key.

Our technical experts have spent numerous hours testing our films in the Rennco® manufacturing facility to perfect our blend and chemistry. Our films seal exceptionally well and have superior strength and performance, which in turn reduces time.

  • Field tested
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Outstanding performance with sealing and strength

Future PolyTech is also an authorized distributor of Rennco® Automated Bagging Systems

Learn how automation can improve your bottom line

Route Bags

Future PolyTechs specialty design route bags take into consideration the stress points and usage in laundry applications to provide quality bags with fewer blow outs.

We offer a wider range of sizes, as well as custom sizes and printed logos.

  • Strong bottom seals
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Printing options available

Clean Room and Linear Tear Bags

Clean room-certified and surgical packaging is of the utmost importance in sterile environments. Our linear tear bags open cleanly and efficiently, offering quick and easy access to contents and providing the product protection you need. Our clean room bags offer the quality and dependability you need when working in sensitive environments.

  • Easy to open
  • Strong seals
  • Durable and puncture resistant
  • Clean Room – 100 Certifications

Specialty Products

Looking for a resource on a specific product? Future PolyTech is your solution. We can help with a variety of industry needs including:

  • Can Liners
  • T-shirt Bags
  • Hamper Stands
  • Laundry Carts and Caster Wheels
  • and so much more!

Just ask – and we’ll find it for you!