Save time and money while you help the environment with Future PolyTechs Recycling Program. Our goal is to increase recycling by three million pounds per year. Help us reach our goal and enhance your internal sustainability initiatives at the same time!

Our sustainable solutions put a turnkey plastic laundry bag recycling process in place that requires no sorting. Its simple, safe, and sustainable.



Let Future PolyTech take your operations GREEN with a simple recycling program. Recycle all types of plastic bags – all colors, shapes, and sizes – no separation necessary. Save our planet and save money at the same time.

Contact us to learn how you can GO GREEN with Future Polytech.


Automation Consultants Making a Difference in the Laundry and Linen Industry

Future Polytech is committed to making a difference to serve the laundry and linen industry through their unique approach to poly film and bags.